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Home Equity
Lines of Credits

Home Equity Lines of Credits is borrowing money from the bank using your home as collateral.

Similar to using a credit card, it is a revolving loan at a much lower interest rate.

No payments when there's no balance.

Lets you choose exactly how much you borrow and when.

Top reasons clients choose this type of loan is to consolidate your existing high interest credit card loans, home renovations and to

have quick access to funds in case an emergency were to arise. Example being, you need funds to fix your car or your kids are off

to University. 


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Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans uses your homes existing equity as collateral

and allows you to borrow against it.

They generally will have a term from 6 months to 1 year.

The interest rate is fixed. 

It is an easy way to get access to a large sum of money in a short time.

There will be no income verification

You will be paid in cash.

Top reasons clients choose this type of loan is to debt consolidate existing credit card debts (you can unlock more equity versus a line of credit), if you have CRA arrears and also mortgage/ property tax arrears. 

Purchases and Refinances

If your looking to purchase a new property or just want to refinance your existing mortgage loan, we know how stressful the whole process can be, that is why a lot of our clients prefer to come to us. We have the knowledge/ expertise while having access to  prime banks such as TD Bank, Scotia Bank and Street Capital.

For clients who are self- employed, you may find your mortgage options are very limited especially from the top Canadian Banks. With our relationship we have obtained throughout the years, we now have access to over 7 reputable B- Lenders with competitive rates.  

We are relentless in proactively finding ways to help you achieve your financial goals. By taking the time to really understand what would best fit your current lifestyle and  asking the right questions, we uncover your dreams and goals and find financial solutions to make them come true. Most importantly, we’re there for you every step of the way because we genuinely care and strive to become your go-to advisors for everything in mortgage financing.  

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